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The Fiji Islands

Food Program & Special Events


Starting this past June, World Covenant Ministries began supplying various bulk food items for the 100 students attending Kasavu Primary School located in Kasavu, Fiji.  It brings much joy to our hearts knowing there are less children in this world doing without a meal.  Our goal is not only help supply food, but provide wisdom and knowledge of better utilizing the agricultural resources located on their land.  Basically, instead of always "suppling fish, we want to teach the people how to fish."  The crops have been devastated by the cyclone and unfortunately, the Fijians have only farmed certain crops for centuries, but we are working to help open their eyes to new and more profitable options for farming and exporting.  We believe the people of Kasavu want change and are ready to make it.  If you are interested in learning how to help our Food Program a success, please contact us through our "Contact Page."